Papa Benedict al XVI-lea în Cuba: “Vîntul, Oaia şi Păstorul” sau ce aşteaptă cubanezii

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               The Wind, the Sheep and the Shepherd

In that January of 1998, at the end of John Paul II’s Mass in the Plaza of the Revolution, a fresh wind swept over the vast esplanade. My son was sitting on the shoulders of his father and the breeze swirled his hair. The Pope had already ended his homily, but still, he picked up the microphone again and dedicated several words in Latin to that naughty streak that ruffled all of us. “Spiritus spirat ubi vult et vult Cubam*” he said. We came home a while later, squeezed among thousands of people dressed in white and yellow. Since then, I have the feeling that the gale has not stopped beating on us, that this gust has blown across the island, shaking all our lives.

Benedict still has yet arrived Cuba and already part of this whirlwind is agitating…

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