Apples and Oranges

Just so I’m not accused of being narrow minded, today’s post will be on a different fruit, in this case Fuyu Persimmon.  There’s a lot to like about this tree, not the least of which is this typical fruit load on a 2-year-old tree.  It does this no matter the weather, and isn’t bothered in the least by insects or disease.  Soon the leaves will drop off but the colorful fruit will hang on another month or two, slowly ripening to delectable lusciousness.

This is a hard persimmon, one that can be eaten in several stages of ripeness.  Since there is no pollinator around, it is seedless and once you pull the tough stem off you can consume it completely, right through the core. 

We also have a Hichiya persimmon, the astringent type that must be squishy-soft to be edible.  It has the annoying habit of growing 30 feet tall…

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