“Commentary on Psalter”

Athanasios the Great

Source: Anastasis


A Psalm of David


The Psalm before us is sung in the person[1] of the nations as they rejoice that the Lord shepherds them. And indeed they expound the sumptuous feast that the One who shepherds them sets before them.

The Lord shepherds me.

Those who are shepherded by him take pride in the Lord.

On a place of green pasture he has settled me.

He has settled me in the beauty of a summer meadow, means the meadow of the spirit.

By the water of rest he has nurtured me.

Water of rest is to be thought of as that of holy Baptism, which wipes away the burden of sins.

He has turned my soul back.

.When he had turned my soul back from the captivity of the devil, he guided me towards his commandments from…

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